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Colton Hernandez

125180 [PORTABLE]

The paper describes the problems faced by the Ministry of Public Works in Lebanon to maintain the national road system. In the winter months the climate is wet and in the mountain areas the steep slopes and undeveloped drainage works result in a relatively high number of road slope failures. In order to monitor and control these failures, the creation of a slope management system is proposed, which is described briefly in this paper. For the covering abstract see ITRD E125180.


Cyclic shear strain plays a key role in the determination of soil behavior in geotechnical earthquake engineering. The aim of this research is to explain the context of threshold strain that delimits a transition state between small and large deformations. Two methods were used to model the degradation of shear modulus against shear strain: best fit line and best-fit curve. A good agreement was observed between experimental results and modeled curves. For the covering abstract see ITRD E125180.

Underground construction projects include many stages; the preliminary phase of soil behaviour assessment is very important, and consists in the prediction of geological and geotechnical conditions, based on the results of preliminary investigation. The second stage (fore-project) will give a first estimate. The choice and the design of tunnel lining will be studied by using the Convergence Confinement method. In this paper, the achieved theoretical and experimental results during the construction of tunnels in the soft rocks in the North of Algeria are shown. For the covering abstract see ITRD E125180.

An experimental study to improve sand dunes to gain economic construction of highway by using the locally available materials is described. The study was divided into two approaches; the first was by using different bituminous binder proportions from (2) to (10) percent, while the second was to use fine metals as reinforcement. The results show an increase in the degree of improvement as reinforcement layers and silt contents were increased. Also it was found that 8% of asphalt cement increased the stabilization of sand dunes. For the covering abstract see ITRD E125180.

This paper is concerned with the numerical study of earth pressure for associated and non-associated soils induced by the translation of a rigid rough retaining wall. Using the explicit finite difference code FLAC-2D (Fast Lagrangian Analyses of Continua), the active and passive earth pressure coefficients are given and compared with classical methods. The computed results indicate a decrease in passive earth pressure and and an increase in active earth pressure coefficient values when the soil displays high non associativity. For the covering abstract see ITRD E125180. 041b061a72


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