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Colton Hernandez
Colton Hernandez

Colosseum Schematic

Once Meta Knight's health has reached the halfway point, his attacks will get far more interesting. Sometimes the action on-screen will enter a top-down view when Meta Knight jumps into the air. Shadows will appear over the colosseum grounds, and Kirby will need to stand in a light area to avoid having boulders dropped onto him.

Colosseum Schematic

This pillager city has a magic, military, residential and industrial area. It also has a huge citadel, colosseum and extensive fortifications. It also has an unlucky village very close for easy pillager raids!

Next, you want to physically stand on each of the spawn points, and execute /ba edit spawn for each of them. For instance, to make your current position the lobby spawn point, you need to stand still, face ahead, and then execute /ba edit colosseum spawn lobby. Do the same for the spectator spawn point. Repeat this step multiple times for the team start points.

One of my favorite popular technical illustrators of the 20th century was G.H. Davis (1881-1963), who worked enormous accomplishments for the Illustrated London News for some forty years. His specialty seemed to be the cut-away schematic, showing half-exposed/half-not technical schematics on mostly oblique angles. The example below is a fine one, showing the (not-named) British 1925 tank, which I believe must be the Vickers Medium I or variation thereof. It was certainly an improvement over the tanks used in WWI, and for all intents and purposes it seems a "modern" tank. 041b061a72


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