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Colton Hernandez
Colton Hernandez

Skyrim Patch 1.9.32 Pc Download Torrent

Hey I'm trying to get open cities working on vortex and even with just skyui and skyrim script extender it fails to open the game any ideas on whats going on and maybe where i can download a older version of the mod?? thanks guys

skyrim patch 1.9.32 pc download torrent

Do Someone know why im having a lot of untextured buildings and stuff even though i download a lot of patches for this mod? i dont understand why for example there's a lot of rock and wood stuff completely untextured and duplicated. I have also what appears to be navmesh issues in whiterun with capital whiterun expansion and jk. Hopefully some of you may help me. If this mod was still in nexus im sure i would have more probablity for someone to help me.


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