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Metello Vasco Pratolini Pdf Free Download

Metello by Vasco Pratolini: A Novel of the Italian Working Class

Metello is a novel by the Italian writer Vasco Pratolini, published in 1955. It is the first part of a trilogy that also includes Cronaca familiare (Family Chronicle) and Allegoria e derisione (Allegory and Derision). The novel tells the story of Metello Salani, a young worker who lives in Florence during the late 19th and early 20th century. Metello struggles to improve his social and economic condition, while also experiencing love, friendship, and political activism. The novel portrays the life and struggles of the Italian working class, as well as the historical events that shaped Italy's modern history, such as the First World War, the rise of fascism, and the resistance movement.

Metello is considered one of Pratolini's masterpieces, and one of the most important novels of Italian neorealism. Neorealism was a literary and cinematic movement that emerged after World War II, and aimed to depict the reality of everyday life, especially of the poor and marginalized sectors of society. Pratolini was influenced by his own personal experience as a worker and a socialist, as well as by other neorealist writers such as Elio Vittorini, Cesare Pavese, and Alberto Moravia. Pratolini's style is characterized by a simple and direct language, a realistic and detailed description of the characters and settings, and a mixture of narration and dialogue.

Download File:

If you are interested in reading Metello by Vasco Pratolini, you can find it online for free download in PDF format. You can access it from the following link: [Metello by Vasco Pratolini]. This is a scanned copy of the original edition published by Chatto & Windus in London in 1968. You can also find other formats of the novel, such as EPUB or audio, on the same website. Alternatively, you can also read an English translation of the novel by William Weaver, published by Little, Brown in Boston in 1968. You can borrow this book from the Internet Archive library for 14 days.

We hope you enjoy reading Metello by Vasco Pratolini, and learning more about the Italian working class and history. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.


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