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Colton Hernandez
Colton Hernandez


Myoclonus refers to a quick jerking movement that you can't control. Hiccups are a form of myoclonus, as are the sudden jerks or "sleep starts" that you may feel just before falling asleep. These forms of myoclonus occur in healthy people and usually aren't serious.


Furthermore, the jerking movement tends to cause a reflexive relaxation in the ability to control the breathing process, which can negatively affect our ability to generate sufficient intra-abdominal pressure to stabilize the lumbar spine and transfer leg drive into our arms and therefore into the weight.

One way to avoid jerking and develop sufficient tension through your entire body is to think of taking the slack out of the bar. Get set and pull the bar up only enough to apply upward pressure on the plates hanging from the bar, maybe 5-10% of the force necessary to pull the weight off the floor entirely. 041b061a72


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