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Return to Mysterious Island invites users to take part in exciting adventures based on the famous novel. As in the book by Jules Verne, your heroine is shipwrecked and finds herself on an unfamiliar and, apparently, uninhabited island. Now Mina must make every effort to survive and find a way to return home.

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"Some four years ago, the Survey sent me on a trip which included themapping of a portion of the foothills of the Mt. St. Elias Range. It isa rugged and barren part of the country, but although rough in theextreme, no obstacles had been encountered that hard labor and longhours could not overcome. It was a packing trip and everything hadprogressed favorably, there was plenty of forage, the streams had beenfairly passable, and we feasted twice a day on moose or mountain sheep.For days and weeks together we had hardly been out of sight of caribou.They had a curious way of approaching, either one at a time or else inquite large bands, coming close to the pack-train, then breaking awaysuddenly at full gallop and returning in large circles. Even the crackof a rifle could not scare them out of their curiosity, and we nevershot any except when we needed meat.

"As I did so, I was startled by a deep and vicious growl which seemed tocome from my feet, and before I realized what the cracking of thebrushwood meant, the cook's story came back to me, and I broke for theravine. I was too late! There, in the path down which I had come, hismuzzle and paws red with the blood from the deep flesh wounds he hadreceived, and which he had been licking in order to try to assuage thepain, stood an immense Kodiak bear. The Kodiak is not as ferocious asthe grizzly, but this beast was maddened by the pain of his wound, andby the suspicion that I had followed to work him further ill. My slightgeologic pick was of no avail against the huge brute, my road of escapewas cut off, and the bear was advancing, growling angrily. I broke andran for the rim of the lake, hoping to be able[Pg 10] to encircle it andreturn to the opening of the ravine by which I had entered, and as I ranI heard the bear charge after me.

This was true, for Roger had made the tracks, both on the nigh and theoff sides with the fingers of his right hand. The cook, after mutteringand grumbling to himself, got out from his store of provisions enoughfor the meal, and proceeded to cook the same, not without many returnsto the mysterious tracks and comments more or less audible on creatureswith feet like that who were so apt at thieving.

In the meantime Layson was still seated thoughtfully before his fire of crackling "down-wood," busy with a thousand speculations. Just what Madge Brierly, the little mountain girl, meant to him, really, he could not quite determine. He knew that he had been most powerfully attracted to her, but he did not fail to recognize the incongruity of such a situation. He had never been a youth of many love-affairs. Perhaps his regard for horses and the "sport of kings" had kept him from much travelling along the sentimental paths of dalliance with the fair sex. Barbara Holton, back in the bluegrass country, had been almost the only girl whom he had ever thought, seriously, of marrying, and he had not, actually, spoken, yet, to her about it. When he had left the lowlands for the mountains he had meant to, though, when he returned. There were those, he thought, who believed them an affianced couple. Now he wondered if they ever would be, really, and if, without actually speaking, he had not led her to believe that he would speak. He was astonished at the thrill of actual fear he felt as he considered the mere possibility of this.

But it was not his enemy who came, now, along the trail. Horace Holton, held to the mountains by his mysterious business, had left the others of the party to go home alone, as they had come, and returned to the neighborhood which housed the girl who owned the land he coveted.


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