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The Fareb Movie In Mp4 Dubbed In Hindi

The Fareb movie in mp4 dubbed in hindi

Fareb is a Hindi word that means deceit or fraud. It is also the title of two Bollywood movies that share the same theme of obsession, betrayal and murder. The first Fareb movie was released in 1996 and directed by Vikram Bhatt. The second Fareb movie was released in 2005 and directed by Deepak Tijori. Both movies are psychological thrillers that feature newcomers as the lead actors. In this article, we will compare and contrast the two Fareb movies and also provide some information on how to watch them in mp4 format dubbed in Hindi.

Fareb (1996)

The 1996 Fareb movie is a remake of the 1992 Hollywood film Unlawful Entry. It stars Faraaz Khan, Suman Ranganathan and Milind Gunaji in the main roles. The plot revolves around a married couple, Rohan and Suman, who move to Mumbai after Rohan gets a promotion as a chief surgeon. Their peaceful life is disrupted when a burglar breaks into their house and attacks Rohan. The police arrive and chase away the intruder, but one of the officers, Inder, develops an unhealthy obsession with Suman. He starts stalking her and tries to break her marriage with Rohan by any means possible. He even kills the burglar and frames Rohan for it. The movie shows how Rohan and Suman struggle to save their relationship and their lives from Inder's madness.


Fareb (2005)

The 2005 Fareb movie is not a remake of any other film, but it has some similarities with the 2002 Hollywood film Unfaithful. It stars sisters Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty along with Manoj Bajpayee in the main roles. The plot revolves around a married couple, Aditya and Neha, who have a happy and successful life. Aditya is a creative director in an advertising agency and Neha is a doctor. Their life takes a turn when Aditya meets Riya, a beautiful woman who is married to Amit, one of Aditya's clients. Riya seduces Aditya and they start an affair. Neha suspects something is wrong and confronts Aditya, who denies everything. However, Riya is not satisfied with being just a mistress and wants Aditya to leave his wife for her. She also blackmails him with some photos of their intimacy. Things get worse when Riya is murdered and Aditya becomes the prime suspect. The movie shows how Aditya tries to prove his innocence and how Neha deals with his betrayal.

Comparison and contrast

Both Fareb movies have some common elements, such as:

  • They are based on the genre of psychological thriller.

  • They deal with the themes of obsession, betrayal and murder.

  • They feature newcomers as the lead actors.

  • They have catchy music composed by Anu Malik.

However, they also have some differences, such as:

  • The 1996 Fareb movie is a remake of a Hollywood film, while the 2005 Fareb movie is an original story.

  • The 1996 Fareb movie focuses on the obsession of a police officer with a married woman, while the 2005 Fareb movie focuses on the affair of a married man with another woman.

  • The 1996 Fareb movie has a male protagonist and a female antagonist, while the 2005 Fareb movie has a female protagonist and a male antagonist.

  • The 1996 Fareb movie has a tragic ending, while the 2005 Fareb movie has a happy ending.

How to watch them in mp4 dubbed in Hindi

If you are interested in watching these movies in mp4 format dubbed in Hindi, you have several options:

  • You can watch them online on streaming platforms like [ZEE5] or [Netflix]. These platforms offer high-quality video and audio along with subtitles and dubbing options.

  • You can download them from websites like [hoichoi TV] or [Internet Archive]. These websites offer free downloads of various web series and movies in different languages and formats.

  • You can buy them on DVDs or Blu-rays from online or offline stores. These discs usually have multiple language and subtitle options along with bonus features.

However, before you watch or download these movies, you should be aware of the following points:

  • These movies are rated A (Adults only) by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) of India. They contain scenes of violence, nudity, sex and profanity that may not be suitable for children or sensitive viewers.

  • These movies are protected by the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. You should respect the rights of the creators and distributors and not engage in piracy or illegal distribution of these movies.

  • These movies are based on fictional stories and characters. They do not reflect the reality or opinions of the actors, directors, producers or anyone associated with them. You should watch them for entertainment purposes only and not take them seriously.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about the Fareb movies. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them with us. Thank you for reading!


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